About Us

Our Vision

Spreading knowledge is always a good thing, but sometimes this knowledge may seem inaccessible. Research papers are something protected behind a paywall or simply use a very specialised jargon that makes its information impossible to decipher. The objective is to make the information from novel and ground-breaking research available to the curious minds. Basically, to distil the drops of knowledge into a more friendly format. CG has a lot of potential for animated graphics and to couple them with the knowledge acquired from the unique point of view of a PhD student could make science even more exciting.

Our Story

I started learning CG by myself in an attempt to make my research more visually appealing. After playing around for a year a friend showed me his research and a video made with PowerPoint. It amazed me how good the research was so I told him I could make a scene for him to use in his presentations. From that, and after doing a few more scenes I realised I had enough to make a video myself and what a better way to do it than through a YouTube channel. And so, Summa Scientia was born, for now a YoTtube channel, in the future who knows…

Meet the Team

Yeah, that’s me! Rodrigo. A graduated PhD from the University of St. Andrews, Scotland, in the June 2019. Now living in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and working at Oryx Gaming.