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AI Beats Pro Players of 6-Player Hold’em Poker

In recent years we have heard that computer science is taking big steps using artificial intelligence to solve problems that were thought to be impossible to solve. One of the standards that is commonly used to try and understand the “intelligence” of a machine is to have it compete against humans. One example many of […]

Peptides, the solution to drug resistant bacteria?

In 1928, Alexander Fleming discovered a mold that had contaminated his bacteria’s cultures and where the mold grew the bacteria was destroyed. This serendipitous event lead to the discovery of penicillin, the first antibiotic discovered. Since then, several new compounds have been discovered with antibiotic activity. Unfortunately, the discovery of new antibiotic compounds in nature […]

Rodrigo Ortiz de la Morena, SciVid People's choice award

Second Video, New Prize!

Last year the Material Research Society organized again their SciVid competition for their fall meeting in Boston. The conditions where similar to the ones they had the previous year. The objective was to create a narrated video of 2 minutes explaining a scientific concept or research related to materials science and 3 prizes would be […]

Postdoctoral researcher at 

Center for Interface Science & Catalysis,

University of Stanford, USA

“Excellent experience working with Rodrigo towards rendering scientifically interesting figures for publications and presentations.”

Dr. Jose Garrido Torres

Assistant professor at

Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry , Eindhoven University of Technology, NL

“Summa Scientia created several animations and videos to help me explain my research on fuel cells.  The results have always been outstanding, enabling me to explain complex technical details in a visually appealing way and increasing the impact of my presentations.  I highly recommend Summa Scientia!”

Dr. Antoni Forner Cuenca

What's the objective?

Spreading knowledge is always a good thing, but sometimes this knowledge may seem inaccessible. Research papers are something protected behind a paywall or simply use a very specialised jargon that makes its information impossible to decipher. The objective is to make the information from novel and ground-breaking research available to the curious minds. Basically, to distil the drops of knowledge into a more friendly format. CG has a lot of potential for animated graphics and to couple them with the knowledge acquired from the unique point of view of a PhD student could make science even more exciting.

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