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In need of a captivating image that relates to your scientific work and makes you feel it is professional and modern? Worry no more

Many scientific journals invite the authors of a paper to create the cover for that journal issue. While this is great and can bring more exposure to your scientific research, it can also be a hassle. While your focus is on the science, the aesthetics and design of a mind-blowing cover can be tricky to achieve. The result sometimes can be an image that looks outdated and done in a rush with little attention to how it can grab the attention of a potential reader.

For this reason we offer our services to you. While most of the the designers understand very well aesthetics and its rules, we have a scientific background. This simplifies the communication between you and us and we can translate the concepts you want on the cover into a beautiful, jaw-dropping cover that will not only captivate the attention of the reader but stimulate their imagination.