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Second Video, New Prize!

Rodrigo Ortiz de la Morena, SciVid People's choice award

Last year the Material Research Society organized again their SciVid competition for their fall meeting in Boston. The conditions where similar to the ones they had the previous year. The objective was to create a narrated video of 2 minutes explaining a scientific concept or research related to materials science and 3 prizes would be awarded by a panel of experts in science outreach videos from the pool of the finalists, along with an additional prize given to the video with the most likes on YouTube and votes casted during the conference as a people’s choice award.

This year I decided to present a video in which I talked about the kind of systems we worked on during my PhD. The topic is self-assembled monolayers and I could explain to you what they are right here right now, or you could easily watch the short 2-minutes video I made for it.

The video was done in quite a rush, since I was in the final stages before submitting my thesis but, I used some animations I already had used in my presentations at conferences. Furthermore, I followed the advice of the jury panel last year of including less CG and more people in the video. This made it faster to create, but it was all new to me, so we had to wing it at times to get there in time for the deadline. Despite this, WE WON THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD! ( With almost 900 likes in YouTube by the time the voting was closed (10 days), almost doubling the likes of the next contestant.

The video format is more a talking head video, with me explaining the topic while some graphics and tittles help support the explanation mainly, and of course some science CG scenes made with Blender. In fact, the whole video was created in Blender, including the editing the creation of the tittles and motion graphics, if you wish to call them that.

Well I hope you enjoyed the video and that you learnt something new, this time related to my own work as a PhD. I would also like to thank Tade, who was the cameraman, Toni, who went and pick up the prize in Boston for me, and of course all the people that supported me by giving the video a like in YouTube, specially Finofilipino, who shared it in his blog full of trolls XD.

PS: sorry for the late positng