First Video, First Prize

In the beginning of October, the first video of Summa Scientia was published. It talked about how the gas diffusion layer in hydrogen fuel cells can be improved. The friend who I made the video for really liked it and, just a couple weeks after it was published, he found out that the Material Research Society had arranged Scientific Video competition that would be held during the fall meeting in Boston. 

The competition focused on creating a narrated video of 2 minutes explaining a scientific concept or research related to materials science. And so, with a bit of video editing and the narration from my friend and research author, Toni Forner, we managed to create a new, updated version of the video. 

We submitted the video by the end of October. The results of the competition would be announced at the end of November and several prizes were to be given out. The jury members, who were people with experience in scientific outreach videos, were assigned to select the 3 best videos from the pool of the finalists, along with an additional prize given to the video with the most likes on YouTube and votes casted during the conference as a people’s choice award. 

By mid-November they let us know that we had been selected as one of the finalist and therefore we started our own “promotion campaign” to get every like we could get. From friends, family, colleagues,… We started the race ahead, but we quickly noticed how a couple of videos were getting votes much faster than any of the others. In an attempt to boost our chances, I contacted the local newspaper in Alicante and even though their reply to help us with the people’s choice award came a bit late, they were very interested in knowing how this collaboration came to happen and see how the research made by one of their neighbors was being supported abroad. 

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to gather enough votes for the people’s choice by the day the ceremony took place, on the 29th of November in Boston. BUT WE WON THE THIRD PRIZE!! Toni had a chance to attend the conference and receive the award in person. Although I was on the opposite side of the Atlantic, I followed the ceremony online and also celebrated. One month later we received an email from  Alicante’s newspapers saying that the article about us and the competition would be published. And although we were not in Alicante that day, we managed to get copies of the paper. 

To sum up, the first video of Summa Scientia evolved into a successful collaboration, was presented in a competition for scientific videos and won a prize.To top it all, our pictures appeared in an article about the work in the newspaper. I’d call that a success!